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Default Re: I'm New and Need help

if its a mya its most likely seals with out the need of a stopper, you have to remember when smoking that nice thick flavourful smoke is more in the bowl and coals then anything else in your setup. Make sure your water lvl is aproximetly one inch over the downstem. When packing your bowl make sure your shisha is packed down just BELOW the rim of the bowl applay two sheets of tinfoil on top and pull tight. When poking your wholes i find the smaller the whol and the most of them works the best but again this is personal preference. When using coals your going to have top decide weather you want ALOT of smoke or a nice tasting not harsh session, put on your coals to your desired hookah session is acheived. your going to have to play around with it alot to make it rigt and everybrand is differnt
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