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Default Re: I'm New and Need help

Originally Posted by HookahPr07 View Post
You got one big problem bro...............MYA<<<<SUCKS DICK!
its not polite to come on to a forum and bash decent products with no justifications, especially when you have no history with the forum. myas are pretty good rigs, lacking in some areas but they are at least consist compared to the "handmade quality" other rigs are known for.

do you have auto seal (bb's in the hose ports that stop air from going back? if so you might have a leak or possibly need to work on your set up, if you dont have autoseal you need to plug up the other holes. one thing a lot of people have issues with is getting the bowl sealed well and thus have "no leak" in their rig (it is very hard to test a rig with the bowl on it for leaks cause, at least for me, i have a hard time making a solid seal over the bowl with the foil on with my hand)

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