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Default Re: I'm New and Need help

Originally Posted by HookahPr07 View Post
Mass factory production just make for a less quality hookah. Compared to KM, Mya just has a completly different feel. Im sure i couldnt find one person that doesnt agree you could get better smoke and duaribility out of other hookahs(especially KM). And it gets minus a few because its syrian. EGYPTION ALL DA WAY! I apoligize for going straight to the conclusion in my last few posts.
Myas are high quality and well constructed.
The smoke depends more on the user than anything else.
Mya Saray hookahs are not Syrian. They are Chinese.
Some of the worst hookahs on the market are hand made and some a factory made. It's not a deciding factor.

There is no reason to be rude about your opinions. Everyone has preferences and every hookah has it's pros and cons.
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