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Default Re: I'm New and Need help

Originally Posted by HookahPr07 View Post
Mass factory production just make for a less quality hookah. Compared to KM, Mya just has a completly different feel. Im sure i couldnt find one person that doesnt agree you could get better smoke and duaribility out of other hookahs(especially KM). And it gets minus a few because its syrian. EGYPTION ALL DA WAY! I apoligize for going straight to the conclusion in my last few posts.
mass production doesnt mean lower quality. the egyptians are mass produced but they are mass produced my hand. i own a mya and a km. my km is not as well made, hands down, i like it more, i think the design is better but it is not as high quality from a metal working stand point (a note at this point to back up my observations, i am a glassblower and a metal smith and a BFA candidate for a degree in those areas). the myas are cast brass which by it self will be stronger than the hollow steel and copper construction of the KMs.the kms have solder joints, many of them rough which leads to weak points from a pure strength stand point and due to point corrosion can attack. and finally any individual example of a model of a mya will be the same as the next but a KM will not. this gives issues when trying to swap between pieces you have to really test.

i will give you that the myas have a smaller diameter down stem and the inner stems are rough and harder to clean but it will not rust like steel and brass will not let corrosion eat through it like steel will. however the glass is exponentially better, i do not know for sure if they have machine made glass or higher quality production shop glass. no matter the mya glass is far far far superior to the junk coming out of egypt. the myas also have better threads over all on the purge valves, their threading is consistent piece to piece, while i have seen egyptian threadings not even cleared properly.

i agree my KM smokes better but i will argue that the myas are less durable or lower quality
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