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Unhappy First Hookah, Setting it up right HELP!

Ok guys so recently I got a hookah as a present from my cousin. It's a 10'' Single hose hookah like this one:

Today I followed instructions on how to set it up, tried with the ceramic bowl filled to the top with mango flavored shisha and then wrapped with aluminum foil, poked a few holes with a toothpick and installed the bowl in the stem. Then I proceeded and lighted up the charcoal (The type that lights up quick). and waited until it completely turned red (glowing), placed it over the bowl and inhaled.

The smoke that comes out itches very badly on my troat, and its not very pleasant at all as past experiences with other hookahs where I was able to enjoy the flavor of the smoke and also the smoke was thicker. I Tried with less Shisha since i thought it was burning out but still no luck. The Shisha is burned to ashes when I remove the tinfoil after 20 minutes tops when using less shisha of course.

Here is the type of coal i'm using, later I will post the brand:

Any suggestions on how to set it right?

Also was wondering if I'm missing anything from the bigger hookahs using this small one?

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