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Default Re: Has anyone see this??

Originally Posted by Ketrel View Post
It is a solid Idea traveling w/ all the shit to build a hookah can be a real pain in the ass. Here there are a lot of places to smoke and chill on the water and having to carry foil tobacco poking instruments ect can be irritating. especially if you forget something.

I don't really think this is designed for every day use I think its more of a "to go bowl"... and for that application it doesn't seem half bad.

I don't buy 50g packages of shisha. So, when people want me to bring my hookah to a party or something, carrying a bunch of 250g containers, plus foil, plus a poker, plus having to look for a place to set up and clean up afterword--well, it all becomes a big enough pain to just decline altogether.

But, if I could get 250g in individually wrapped, smoke ready packages for just a few bucks more, I probably would. Just to have on hand for away-from-home special occasions and such.

I think it's a good idea. And Starbuzz is a good company to do it too because they have a lot of mass appeal. Though it would be nice to pick up some AF or Nakhla to-go packs, for those of us with more discriminating taste.
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