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Default Re: Has anyone see this??

Originally Posted by Ketrel View Post
It sure as hell can be yeah. Like the above poster said I dont own the 50 gram packages so for me to be able to travel I need to carry around the 250 gram tins. as well as all the other necessary stuff. It just makes life easer when your on the go.

I'm not condoning it for everyday use simply when you have to go away from home base. I was Invited to a party like three weeks ago where I was asked to bring the hookahs. I had two going and started drinking. I cannot tell you the pain that it was to try and repack two bowls drunk at like 2 am with a party going on. Having to look for all the parts get the right amount of shisha poke the hole pattern.. all this mid party was a huge pain in the ass.

Much easer to grab a little insta bowl pack that shit on and put the bowl on lol would have made my party time much better.
I donno man. I just throw all my stuff in a box and put it in my trunk. Never been a problem for me.

If I'm too wasted to properly pack a bowl, I'm probably too drunk to be doing much of anything else...

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