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Default Re: Purple KM impossible to find?

Originally Posted by BobMarley View Post
How much would a standard KM base go for you reckon? I might have to buy a super awesome stem one day and do this. Sure as hell would keep it away from parties though, might even just be a decoration.
to get a glass blower to make you a vase one off you are looking triple digits, realistically you talking 100-200 bare minimum depending on their costs (studio rental/upkeep varies a lot, you have to blow glass with at least one other person just because it is illogical to do it by your self so you have to pay 2 people and since it is a very skilled labor you are talking 15-20 bucks/hour pay at least). if you want more complicated color work you are looking at more cost. my professor sells his production work in the 350-450 range IIRC to a wholesaler and retails his stuff 500-1000 IIRC, per piece, granted they are bigger and a bit more complicated than a base would be but most of the cost is the time and mark up as apposed to the materials. i will say the shape of the km vase is mold blown in some fashion, not positive on what method they use but getting a one off vase would be free handed and might not have the exact same shape (specifically the shape the bottom has where it sticks out). that being said i do plan to buy a mold with a unique vase shape to make some vases that can be used for hookahs

if you (or any one else) want some more specific info about it or anything with glass blowing feel free to pm me, if i dont know the answer i will know where to find it more than likely. i probably should do a write up here with pictures and what not so people understand how this glass is made for the most part and will understand why paying 20-30 bucks for a piece of glass work will more than likely not get great glass.

i guess this was yet another digression, sorry

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