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Originally Posted by Dreamer1917 View Post
Somone help me out here.
.........what is an....egyptian bowl?
I have tried so hard to piece it together from people posting stuff about them and i just cant do it.
I think it's basically a big version of the mod bowl maybe made with something else.
the shape is basically the same as a mod bowl, usually a bit rougher and usually hand made as apposed to slip cast like the mod bowls. the egyptian bowls are usually made from egyptian red clay, fired, and glazed, there are some unglazed ceramic and even some unfired clay bowls but the unfired bowls only last like 10 uses. (pet peeve note, once clay is fired it is ceramic no matter if it is glazed or now, but many people refer to the egyptian bowls as "clay")

the egyptian bowls hold a bit more than the mod bowls and take a bit longer to heat up but retain the heat better because of the material used and the thickness

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