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Default Re: Just had a sweet party

Originally Posted by JillyIsJustKidding
Originally Posted by nicog90
Originally Posted by JillyIsJustKidding
Originally Posted by SaraaiKar
you....can...but its not what its made for. My friend does it sometimes...but I NEVER do. It's not what hookah is for. But hey, you do what you want buddy.
Lol exactly. Have fun trying to get that disgusting smell out of your hose and hookah afterwards...

I hate it when people ask those kinds of questions about the hookah. If you want to smoke illegal substances out of a pipe, use the appropriate one that is actually MADE for it and not a hookah.
Is it true that any other herb used in a hookah will mess up the flavor of the hookah?
yes absolutely. Its cuz there is parts in the hookah you cant reach with a brush and the smell will stay there.

Eek my friend always smokes other non tobacco stuff out of his hookah. We were having a regular hookah session (this was way back when I was a newb) and I noticed how dingy it tasted.

I remember seeing a black sort of gunk like in the hookah vase...I never knew what it was at the time until now@ It wasn't from normal tobacco sessions it was from the illegal substances that he smoked out of it for a long time.

haha i'm never smoking out of that hookah ever again.

I mean I'm sure you can clean it out to a point there is no smell, but i'm sure there is gonna be a slight taste in it still.

If you still wanna get it out, go to your local shop and get cleaners for non hookah pipes and I'm sure it'll help a lot.
Honestly I dont see any other point of using a hookah except for shisha. if you wanna do other things use the proper piece made for it but dont ruin a good hookah.
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