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Red face Thoughts on my first Desi Murli experience.

Today my Desi Murli came in the mail, Plain, Khus, and Spiced Apple. Right out of the box the stuff smelled amazing, i mean wow. I was almost drooling while putting it into tupperware containers :P

Now i'm smoking Khus, mixed with a tiny bit of honey out of my 34" KM Exotica, egyptian bowl, one layer of standard foil and 2x exotica coals. The tobacco has a very warm smell to it, the most outstanding scents being molasses and something similar to brown sugar. Maybe even a faint touch of anise, similar to how you'd smell it in Nakhla Apple though still not as strong. Undertones of tobacco and a distinct spice which i can't remember the name of.

It took about 5-7 minutes to get the smoke and flavor going, treading lightly with only two coals. The first flavor i noticed is the true tobacco taste, much different and stands out more than any other tobacco i've smoked. Much like the smell, it's got a very warm, calming taste to it as well; i'd almost be able to compare it to a cup of unsweetened chamomile tea as far as the sensation of it goes. A light yet profound flavor with many different aspects to it, a certain spice, the tiniest bit of sweetness coming from the molasses, and a slight anise undertone. The smoke itself is light and very wispy. It's not a blast your face with flavor kind of smoke, rather a concoction of subtle flavors that makes every puff interesting.

Also, the nicotine content in this stuff is definitely no joke. Coming from a regular Nakhla and cigarette smoker, i made the mistake of taking 3 considerably large puffs in a row only to get light-headed from it. It packs a hard punch, but once you get into the rhythm of sipping it, Desi Murli provides a very calm and relaxing smoke which i truly enjoy

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