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Default Re: Best Bowl?

Originally Posted by joevincett View Post
Yeah, you're totally right there shouldn't even be a review/video section
Exactly where did I say that? Or even imply it?

Oh, right NOWHERE. You just decided to take what I said way out of context.

The OP posted a legitimate question. Given that he's only got a handful of posts, I'm going to presume he's new to the community, and possibly new to hookah in general. Now I don't know about you, but it seems to me that making pointless posts bitching about how pointless another post is doesn't exactly present a warm or welcoming environment.

The way I see it, when you open a thread you've got three options:

1) Read the post and politely provide relevant information to the poster. This may include pointing them to the search functionality or review section.

2) Realize that the post is impertinent to your personal desires, or perhaps asking a question that you feel you don't want to/need to/can't answer, so you click the little red X in the corner and move on.


3) Be a jerk and complain about the content of the thread that you just chose to open and read. Thereby looking like an ass, making the community look like an ass, and all the while contribute nothing.

Lately, I've seen a lot of this going on. I joined this board and have stayed here, because it isn't full of jerks. It bothers me so I'm saying something.

Either be polite and help out, or move along. There's no call for being an ass.

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