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My band played at this lounge in Vegas, that the guy there mixed the best bowls ever. Not even kidding, he mixed one that tasted exactly like honey nut cheerios, and another that tasted exactly like cinnabon (that place in the mall that smells so good, you probably gain weight just from the scent). He told us that depending on the flavors, he sometimes layers them, or puts them in like pie chart sections. It all depends on how you want the flavors to interact with each other. I've never mixed flavors with a fork, because if you have them sectioned like a pie chart, the heat should reach each flavor equally, if you rotate your coals correctly. One of my favorites has been 20% AF vanilla on bottom, 35% AF mint above that, and then 45% AF Chocolate on top. Another good one, again with all AF, is Cardamom on top, with mint, jasmine, and vanilla below. Cardamom should be about 50%, with mint at 25% and the rest being half jasmine, and half vanilla.
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