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Default Re: Another KM find!

Originally Posted by hookahslisk View Post
The price for this with stock glass was about $35. I upgraded to the base you see and added the hose. We are still under $50. Again, I will say that what the state side vendors are charging is fair. Shipping, taxes, etc. is a bunch.

We'll see what else is out there. I believe I'm only scratching the surface and there may very well be some vintage KM collecting dust. I went into another store with this KM under my arm and they asked, "Why you not come here? I give you better price on Mamoon." I going back!
nice one slisk. you're addicted! i hope you come upon some heirloom pieces!

one point.. you know, the japanese come to the US thinking $90-$150 pair of levi's is a steal! why wouldn't they.. it's twice that or more in japan. you can't estimate just how cheap this stuff truly is until you stop thinking american dollars. make friends with a poor/blue collar native. have mint tea and discuss arab culture and mention you enjoy arguileh.. then get into prices. it's so cheap, even the impoverished enjoy arguileh.. it's perhaps the one thing the poor still can. but don't delude yourself to thinking "fair." have you heard of stories about trading a pair of levi's for working automobiles in eastern europe? that's fair isn't it. in fact.. what a deal!

i suspect by the time you leave there, you'll have a much better idea of pricing. i'm interested to know your perception then : )

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