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Default Re: the police took my km

Originally Posted by Raid3n
exactly! theres nothing we could do though, police assume wrongly, theres almost nothing but bad news about hookahs, saying theyre worse than cigarettes (i wish i could have one now lol) through nicotine intake, and the smoke you inhale, but that one is pretty obvious haha
Neh in my opinion, I don't think their bad as cigs.

Hookah tobacco: 0.5-0.05 nicc content. 0% tar
cigs (marlboro lights) 10-11% nic 0.78% tar! whoa!

Holy crap and I think that is just for ONE cig!
got the info from here:

People say tar is released once the tobacco is burned. I don't think that is true. Your pretty much "cooking" the baccy and drying out the juices. I think it only releases tar when its actually burning (like when it gets harsh). Taht's why you start coughing I think and ma'assel isnt suppose to burn. we're just smoking ma'assel vapor I guess
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