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Default Homemade Moassel With Dokha

A few weeks back I grabbed a huge canister of Iranian Dokha (don't know what the Farsi word is for it) in Tunis and since I like it decided to make a moassel with some some of it. Oh, this stuff is made in Khansar I am told the brand name is "Silver Moon" and it tastes like Bergamont oil, cedar and strong sun cured tobacco.

Used some Kentucky flake and English Grand Cru pipe tobacco as a base and added 100g of Dokha to it and then just proceeded as I normally would in making a black style moassel.

The result is fantastic! Extremely rich, heavy earthy and lots of muted spice tones in background with a strong taste of molasses. All wonderful way to relax and stimulate the taste buds. Most definitely worth an afternoon of baking and mixing.

I will be reporting on my flavoured variant on that recipe shortly.
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