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Default Really Nice Washed Moassels

I know that to many I am a bit of a grump when it comes to tobacco since I hate a lot of the more popular brands and some thing that I only smoke exotic, unwashed stuff like Nakhla Super Kass and Desi Merli. The truth is that a lot of good but washed products are available on the U.S. market and I enjoy several of them as a change of pace from the stuff I normally smoke.
Some such products that I have been enjoying recently are:

Al Amir Exotic's Tripple Apple which has just the right degree of spiciness and a bold, realistic apple taste. Quite a treat when you want something washed and spicy.

Afzal Paan is simply fantastic since it tastes exactly the wonderful treat from India being spicy, sweet with a noticeable taste of tobacco in the background helping to round out a complicated and delightful treat.

I should also add that anything made by Salloum is great since it's very natural tasting, easy to set up and is cheaper then most of what you can buy in the U.S.

I would encourage everyone to give these flavours a try.
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