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Default Re: Hookah problems...

What you want to do is get the flavour and put it in a plate. Only a little bit and start to remove stems and make the flavour fluffy. Flavour sticks together which causes clumps. The fluffier it is the better air passing through it. Sprinkle flavour in. Don't worry of you go a bit above the rim the trick is to never compress as long as it's fluffy and isn't soaking with juice then it should be fine. Double foil and put it over your ***. Now start by making holes on the outer edge make a circle of dots. Depending on your bowl you should space them out. Not too far not to close. If your using a toothpick do not poke it all the way down ok. Then start making a inner circle of holes. Eventually your *** will get to the middle here you make one hole.

I never used the coconaras. I always used swiftlight. Okay so with your coals make sure they are hot red ! If they are not. Then not enough heat. Use two and put them on opposite ends so that heat is coming from both sides. Make sure you washyour hookah and bowl. The hose should be dried. Best thing is to leave it out and let fresh air kill bad odour in it. After this take long draws do not draw too hard this might cause flavour to burn.

This is what I do. My shisha tastes better then any shop. You should always try to get the flavour from the bottom as it's the most wet. By you putting it on a plate and ftaking out bits and fluffing it out. You shall be able to get great shisha.

Strawberry horrible. I must always mix my flavours
and have found bigger cut flavours give better results. That is why I never buy af in small packages. I always buy 1kg
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