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Default Re: Has anyone see this??

Originally Posted by bpetruzzo View Post

I don't buy 50g packages of shisha. So, when people want me to bring my hookah to a party or something, carrying a bunch of 250g containers, plus foil, plus a poker, plus having to look for a place to set up and clean up afterword--well, it all becomes a big enough pain to just decline altogether.

But, if I could get 250g in individually wrapped, smoke ready packages for just a few bucks more, I probably would. Just to have on hand for away-from-home special occasions and such.

I think it's a good idea. And Starbuzz is a good company to do it too because they have a lot of mass appeal. Though it would be nice to pick up some AF or Nakhla to-go packs, for those of us with more discriminating taste.
I feel the exact same way. I'm kind of the hookah go to guy, just cos I love it enough to put time and effort into it, so when I go to a party I want to make good bowls and give people good experiences. These would be nice for those parties where you show up, and half the girls are already bubbly and no one really gives a shit. At that point I would rather slap one of these to go things in, instead of wasting a good bowl of AF, or something I've taken the time to think about and mix.

Something we used to do at parties, is line the inside of our bowl with tin foil, and then poke holes where your bowl holes are, so you can just lift the entire mess out, and throw it away when you're done.
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