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Default Re: What's your worst hookah "party-foul" story?

Well, last night I had my fist legitimate party-foul. It was very stupid.

I'd been in the same room for the better part of something like 20 hours and was getting all kinds of anxious. Some friends hand come over, packed a bowl and we were smoking. Eventually, still sitting in my rolling office chair, I had a spazz-out moment where I sort-of slithered off of the chair onto the ground in protest to my continued presence in this stupid room.

Well, that proved very stupid. The chair rolled away from me right into my 34" KM Pear. It sent all four fresh burning coals onto the floor, spilling water and disrupting a perfectly packed bowl of Tangiers Pear. A hilarious squabble to get the coals off the floor ensued. Unfortunately during the fall, the larger pieces broke into many small pieces and as a last ditch effort stop the floor from burning a friend started franticly stamping out the coals in his socks.

Disaster, yes. Funny, definitely! But, most importantly, the hookah sustained no permanent damage. And, I reused the tobacco today. Still delicious.
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