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Default Re: Your most indispensable hookah item

50 grams of some good nakhla, I can find a trash can and most likely in the trash can contents? i can make a hookah, i can make a hose, i can make a bowl, i can make tongs, i can make a wind cover, i can find water, i can build a fire and find a nice hot piece of coal, but its gonna take me along time to find or to grow a tobacco plant and make it smoke so good.

oh ya there you go my idea for a HOOKAH PRO CONTEST, build a hookah out of your neighbors trash can on video! sick! but hey in the majority of the u.s once your trash is out its public property, so no laws broke. i wonder what your neighbors will think? oh that doesn't matter because we sit outside with are 3 foot Nargile blowing big clouds as we smile at them. What do they think?
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