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Default Re: the police took my km

Dude- A lt. is not in charge, they don't have the last say....... They are just a shift leader. Think of it as a "assistant manager"....... Talk to the CHIEF. The "owner" in lamence terms.

Here we have Patrolmen, sargents, captians and then the CHIEF. GO TO THE CHIEF, THEN THE PAPER. (Go ahead and buy a new one,) but don't just take the word of the PATROL SARGENT!

The patrolman also doesn't know what the hell he is talking about. He is just making stuff up. It's no illegal to own a hookah as it is not a non hookah device. It is a tobacco device that has no residue. It is not illegal to smoke tobacco! period.

If so, then the politely tell him, you are going to the papers, local and STATE and will also speak to YOUR lawyer (don't say A.)

again. Good luck.Do not give up.

Also- just walk in and ask for the chief/ sheriff. If he is not there, then make an appointment. It shouldn't take forever. He is a busy man , but he's also the Public relations person for the policedepartment. That is his job to speak to the citizens of the city/ county/ state.

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