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Default Just rememberd a little mishap and thought i would share.

Ok... So on New Years Eve. My wife, freinds, and i are all smoking hookah outside. It was going really good. Listening to music and drinking margaritas.

My wife puts a few CH Nat coals on the burner cause the coals were dieng. So we are all talking, then noticed, oh crap the coals have been on the burner for a while now. Like burned down about half way.

So my wife grabs the coals with the tongs. Now, here is where drinking, hookah, and coals that are lit dont mix. I wasnt thinking right and tried to grab the tongs with the coals in them from her hand. As i did this, i guess i squeezed the coals too hard. The coals completely oblitereated in my hand. Sparks flew everywhere like fireworks all over me, my wife the table and a freind of mine sitting next to me.

Moral of the story, dont grab the tongs while someone is holding coals, Unless you like bright sparks and getting burned. LMAO. It was funny and no one got hurt. Just dont do it. HAHAHAHAHAHA! The only thing that was lost was a couple good full margaritas cause ashes and coal bits fell into a couple of them. LMAO.
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