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Default Re: What's your worst hookah "party-foul" story?

We get to a party at this house in the avenues, and all the bubbly girls are already tipsy from beer pong. Being shotgun veterans, tipsy from beer pong is kind of silly to my friends and I. This is the kind of party where all the girls are on the chubby side, and seriously outnumber the males, and using the excuse of alcohol, take off as much as their clothes as they can without gaining slut status. Anyway, we get everything set up for my 32 inch SS, and after about half a bowl, some girl decides she wants to sit by me. I'm sitting in the corner made by two plain white couches, and to get there, the girl decides to jump over the coffee table that is in front of the couches, spilling the very fragile exotica coals all over these couches, and onto the unprotected, brand new hardwood floor! We felt so bad, and cleaned for as long as we could, but this fucking girl just sat in another room and cried cos she thought that everybody hated her, and thought she was clumsy. I about cut off her head. She didn't apologize to the owner of the house, or us, or anyone, once. Totally bogus.
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