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Default Re: Homemade Moassel With Dokha

The flavoured description is in the last post I did. Basically I did it because I was hoping to replicate the Khansar moassel I got a while back and since the dokha I have has Khansar leaves I figured it was worth a shot. No, it doesn't taste much at all like what I was trying to do but it's really great in any case.

I don't really do it for a buzz but then I never get buzzed from anything I smoke including Iranian dokha. I imagine hoovering it would be unpleasant in the extreme.

You can't just sprinkle it in to what ever moassel you laying around and get much of the taste. You have to actually make a moasel from scratch and do the whole baking thing like described.

If anyone has a question i'll see if I can answer it.
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