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Default Just sharing

When i got home a 2 days ago, i was delighted to see a small package waiting on my staircase. it was my order from and it had my brand new Vortex, and my 80 pcs (5 of 16 pcs) Coconaras. they also threw in 2 HH shots, Cherry and Butterscotch which made me very happy cause i can finally try out some shisha that isn't sold here in Israel.

right now i have my Chinese hookah (Lucy) with the vortex, HH Cherry and 2 coconaras + windcover, it's been going on for over an hour i think, the clouds got smaller, but the taste... wow!
I didn't really like that cherry, but i'm just enjoying it so much, i never got so much flavor and lasting so long!

later on i will try the butterscotch, probbaly while watching the Eagles playing the Cowgirls on wildcard tonight, i really love butterscotch candies, so i hope i won't get disapointed, just wish i had a coil burner.. it's a pain lighting those coconaras without it. now i took a few BBQ charcoals, light em good till they're red hot, formed somesort of an cave of red hot BBQ coals, and placed the coconaras inside, and placed the windcover ontop of everything. they lighted very fast and even without having to turn em over, but it's still a pain but well worth it, without the QL taste.

all in all, very pleased with everything, Thanks!
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