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Originally Posted by dmcwebd
Originally Posted by KoRnKitten
I am one of those people that hates buzzing. It is an awful feeling for me. I prefer a brand like hh which has a low chance of giving me a buzz.

Buzzing makes me feel like my heart is going to explode because it stresses me out!
buzz makes me relaxed so thats why its nice to feel it and chill...
so let me guess... soex is your fav brand?
*ducks the incoming wrath of the Ninja Tiger Queen*

Soex? I wouldn't convince my enemies to try to smoke it. KK is a H-H/HFk fan

Sorry, off topic. But yeah - I like a little buzz, but floor dropping ones like Tangiers are WAY too much for me to handle.

Fresh - try to get more non-smokers to try your shisha, that way you can get more of a "How's the buzz" feedback from them. Plus, no diss to ciggy smokers, but they are used to the harshness of ciggy - some very good flavors are very mild, they might miss them/taste them differently. (Prime example - my bf is BIG ciggy smoker, he likes HARSH flavors like coffee and zagh, but often can't taste the Esk Apples or Blueberrys).
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