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Default Re: MSR Pocket Rocket Stove

well today i went in the garage (inside temp about 30) i made a coil out of a thin brass pipe to sit on the *** holders of the pocket rocket, placed 3 coco naras toward the center since the flame is very centered and jet like, i had to rotate the coals 3 times total ( twice around, once over) in all it took about 4 minutes or so and they were cherry's, way more cherry than on my electric stove top, seem to shrink the coal a little more than normal, but i probably let them go to long, its hard to tell there is so much jet from the stove that there is no ash, and as soon as you put your tongs in the flame the ends start glowing, would be nicer if the flame was alittle more dispersed, i was going to try it our side next with a wind cover, report on any taste or smell, didnt notice anything at all, i will try to make a video. Another stove to check out is the Soto micro regulator stove, its even smaller than pocket pocket, has a larger heat output platform, and is the first propane/butane stove designed for high alt, and winter, its also more adjustable with flame control, the pocket rocket is pretty much on jet or off, the soto runs more though about 60, but its got great reviews and boils water even faster with less fuel consumption, ill pick one up next time i go to rei, which wont be till i get my member dividend check than ill do a review.
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