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Default Re: Lounge Vs. Smoking at home

Originally Posted by JiX' View Post
no question... smoking at home. our lounge gives out no tongs so you can't ash anything until someone working the lounge swings by. i don't like there mixed flavors. kinda mediocre generics used as well. my buddies prefer my km and methods over the lounge. 8 bucks a person at our lounge blows too..
You need 2 find a better lounge my friend. The lounge I go to uses KM's and give u tongs and are constantly coming back asking if everythings okay and if we need more coals or anything. And they charge per hookah, not per person

Originally Posted by Shienhausser View Post
HOME HOME HOME. The ONLY reason I will stop by the lounge is to see someone there. I wont pay for mostly sub-par hookahs with quicklights.
U just need 2 travel and find a better one, like I said above. The one I go to uses KM's and definitely not quicklights.

Its kind of like saying "WHY SHOULD I GO TO A BAR WHEN I CAN DRINK AT HOME?".. Well, You obviously go for the environment and the people and such. Sometimes it more enjoyable to go and hang out and meet new people.
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