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Default Re: Lounge Vs. Smoking at home

Originally Posted by Jride View Post
You need 2 find a better lounge my friend. The lounge I go to uses KM's and give u tongs and are constantly coming back asking if everythings okay and if we need more coals or anything. And they charge per hookah, not per person

U just need 2 travel and find a better one, like I said above. The one I go to uses KM's and definitely not quicklights.

Its kind of like saying "WHY SHOULD I GO TO A BAR WHEN I CAN DRINK AT HOME?".. Well, You obviously go for the environment and the people and such. Sometimes it more enjoyable to go and hang out and meet new people.
But also smoking at home, I can have a conversation without yelling over an obnoxiously loud bass, enjoy a drink with my friends for a resonable price, I don't have to park and either pay an arm and a leg in fees or feed a meter. While your hookah bar may let you manage your own coals, all the bars I've been to expressly forbid this. Many bars are concerned that you'll lift up the foil to tamper with the tobacco. I live near a bigger city so I can go to multiple lounges, all of which are overpriced, disgustingly trendy and overall unappealing. It sounds like you have a pretty sweet lounge to goto but just from personal experience I'd rather be at home.

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