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Default Re: Ideal Hookah Set Up

Truly ideal? Well,

Hookah: KM Black Pear
Coals: Coconara
Hose: 112" Black Nammor, with black velvet cover, and a 18" handle
Tongs: 12" long, with spiked clasps, and a soft metal brush for use when ashing.
Bow: On hand, an extra-wide and shallow mod bowl, a black vortex bowl and a black Phunnel. I would be ready for whatever my pallet fancied.
Other stuff: A small coal carrier with an extra large footprint to help prevent knock overs. Mouthtips designed for comfort and maximum draw from a wide gauge hose. A large, stable, ultra-smooth gliding, hookah susan, so that in a circle, no one has to get up to pass the hose.

Mmm, think that's about it. Of course, that's just my ideal.
This is my:
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