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Default Re: Lounge Vs. Smoking at home

Originally Posted by JiX' View Post
how much you pay jride? my lounge is the only one in my city and in the 45 mile radius. so basically i only use it for supplies that i need asap. they do use decent shisha and coals but the hookahs aren't anything special. good variety in the store for a smoke shop. o forgot to mention. they have too much ventilation so u can't even blow rings or anything which is kinda of a minus.
$10 for the hookah (Khalil Mamoon) with first bowl and a free drink (monster, soda etc.)

Then every bowl after that is $5. But if you come on week nights, they hook u up because theres less people in there so he usually hooks it up with free bowl changes and such.

Trust me man, Ive been to horrible lounges (Hollywood Hookah Lounge) and Ive been to great ones. If I would have stopped going to lounges after the 1st one Ive ever tried, I would never go to one cus my 1st lounge experience sucked. You just gotta find better places similar to how people find better bars to drink at.
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