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Default Re: Solid Brass woes.

i would think the "solid" part is that the stem in one cast piece of brass but that doenst mean they dont add in a smooth stem inside (is the stem smooth? i have never seen one of these in person).

even though i am all for fixing things the "right" way unless you have access to metal smithing tools (and some know how) i suggest against trying to solder this. some clear or color matched epoxy/glue/jbweld etc is going to be a safer/easier option for you realistically. soldering can get messy really fast, especially if you dont know how to heat metal evenly (and on a stem like this its going to be hard to do it well even if you do know what your doing) which can lead to solder flowing over places you dont want it. also if you over heat (would have to be a good amount since it is low temp solder) you can burn out some of the elements in the solder and cause it to pit and get the brass to copper plate (the alloy starts to break down the the copper ends up in a spotty covering on the surface of the brass)

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