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Default Re: Solid Brass woes.

Originally Posted by Sui View Post
So I have had my 30" AF solid brass hookah for about 4 months and it has sprung a leak!

Not sure how this has suddenly become a problem but it has smoked with no leaks for the duration of me owning it, save for my last session.

Heres the status report: The largest leak is where the purge valse meets the heart of the hookah, there is a small slit hole in the ares where it was weilded.

But the part thats throwing me for a loop is a very small pin hole no larger than the width of the tip of a toothpick on the first gold section of the stem coming down from the tray. I have noticed it before but it did not have any issues other then a very small aethstetic flaw. But now if I plug the downstem and blow into the stem air leaks out from the purge...heres the weird part, if I blow into the leak near the purge air comes out of the hole in the top of the stem. How is this possible if the hookahs components are solid brass?

Any product knowledge for plugging the leaks listed above would be most helpful. Ty
I'm confused. If you plug the downstem and blow into the top of the stem tube, the only way you'd get air coming out of the purge is if you had a leak in the stem tube and the purge tube.

If you are plugging one end of the purge tube and blowing in the other, and air comes out of one of the seams of the outer top stem pieces, then you have a leak in the purge tube. The hookah is made of cast pieces with hollow centers threaded together. The AF solids are not truly solid but some pieces have fairly thick walls. The leak path would be through the hole in the purge tube, up and around the stem tube but inside the stem pieces, and finally out of one of the threaded seams.

FWIW, my AF medium solid came with a leak in the purge tube. Mine was because the tubes are crimped and bent instead of rolled, IOW poorly made.
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