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Default Re: How do the middle east light there coals on the street?

Originally Posted by Nate View Post
Here is a question i can find the answer too, how do they light there coals in public in the middle east? You can find pictures everywhere of them sitting in the streets, sitting in the park etc, they have natural wood coals on there hookahs, i have studied picture after picture, goggled the subject etc. None of the pictures show a stove, or a fire, etc. I thought about taking a natural coal and soaking it in denatured alcohol, since once its burned off there should be no order or taste, and it burns very hot, and a little goes along way but haven't tried yet. So i am wondering? How do they light there coals?
maybe in pictures, nate. i rarely ever saw shisha smoked at public places where there wasn't a restaurant. it's usually at cafe's with open fire / outdoor kitchens. you'd see glowing coals where the kabobs, chicken, and shawarmas are grilling. i have seen portable coal stoves on occasion though.. something like this.

it was ~$3 for one shisha, and the coals would come all night at many places.

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