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Default Re: Ladies and Shisha

I'm a chick and I love fruity flavors. I dislike sickly sweet shisha though (like most starbuzz) I will not smoke nakhla or tangiers too strong for me.

I primarily smoke AF. I love plum, grenadine, fruit cocktail, mint, peach (LOVE!!!) lemon, melon.

But you can also try:
I usually use some of these to get new people into hookah.

HH - chocolate and strawberry mix.
hh Chocolate and hazelnut
hh peach and lemonade or strawberry and lemonade

AF - Peach, lemon,pinapple melon mix- (I named -"Tropical Mrs")

She might like to try something airy and less "heavy" so try something light first that will pack a taste bud punch!

Grenadine, plum, peach, and a tiny bit of mint - "Hey Mr."

(Sorry we were getting married and had a lot of guests, so cheesy names came into play!)

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