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Default Re: How do the middle east light there coals on the street?

have to keep this on top since no one has a positive answer and all just assumptions, come on people! and no offense but a lighter would take like a hour to light a lemon wood coal, they transport there hookahs to the parks by the river, i watched this on pbs! never did it show how they light there coals, and in part of the film they showed a guy sitting with his family and you could clearly see wood coals on his hookah, there was no cafe or house anywhere, no on to the next subject we here in the us light or grill charcoal using a naphtha (zippo fluid) like fluid. but that as you all know leaves a smell, and taste at least for a very long time, so i will give alittle denatured alcohol a try, as i know you only need alittle in a homemade backpackers can stove to boil 2 cups of water, the flame the it produces when burning is white(clear) and blue which is as hot as a substance will burn, it should leave the coal tasteless and orderless. its just cold in wisco and honestly i dont feel like getting a turtle head today. im just doing my best to think of new post ideas for sam, keep them rolling.
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