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You don't really need the glycerin but it's nice if you want higher then normal smoke production. You guys should really go out and pick up some Afzal Golden Amber since it's cheap, a pretty smoke by itself and a great mixer. It's one of my staples that I use all the time. Silver Fox is also a great multi-purpose moassel that is pretty cheap and above average by itself.

Another great mix:

3 parts Hookah-Hookah Cavendish, two parts Desi Merli Plain & 1 part Afzal Golden Amber or Silver Fox. Mix in with 10ml of molasses (glycerin isn't needed) and pack in a vortex bowl. The end result is a wonderfully complex smoke with very good density and mouth feel. Taste wise you get bit of woody/earth tones, a slight mint like taste in the background and all the benefits of DM plain with a bit of sweetness. You simply can't beat this combo.
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