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Default Re: How do the middle east light there coals on the street?

lol.. is it that baffling? how many ways can you come up with, people normally light natural wood coals. how many feasible ways can they possibly be lit, esp at places with no continuous heat source? not really rocket science.

when you go to saudi, the emirates, egypt, lebanon, syria, etc you don't see people smoking hookah at random places, despite what your most valued source (PBS) shows. swaflyer, rossrox, hajo flettner, atwol aren't assuming.. they're speaking from experience.

on a diff note..
we've had some very silly questions come on here. it's terrible.. lol.. favorite songs to smoke to? most indispensable hookah item? : o / really? come on...

how about:
color of your lighter?
have you ever burned yourself?
drinking used hookah water?
who likes the smell of a used old leather hose?
smoking w/ no underwear

kidding aside.. what does this do for sam?
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