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Default New Hookah smoker has a question

I started smoking the Hookah two days ago, but I bought it three years ago.

I tried it once when I first bought it, couldn't get it to work, and just put it away until two days ago.
Now I love it.

I have a few questions, but will only ask one right now.

How can I tell what kind of Hookah I have?
I bought it so long ago, I can't remember what it is.

I bought it at a local smoke shop, it came with a metal case.
It has a non washable thin hose, with a wooden mouthpiece.
I put a magnet to the hose, and it is magnetized inside.

Stands about 18" tall, the clay bowl is 2 & 7/8 inches wide, and it has a plain........CORRECTION....IT STANDS ABOUT 28" TALL.
painted glass base, with a stainless? stem.

Is there anyway I can tell what kind of a Hookah I have


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