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Default Back from ban

I got banned for just typing the name of something thats banned to be even typed on this forum.

I got banned for 5 days, which was harsh but i kept quiet and thought ohwell =/.

Im back now and my order from shisha buzz has come through, i got a red vortex and red pipe and al fakher cocunut coals. Both pipe and vortex can be considered to be coloured red however they look more maroonish. They are no were near as red as on the website. However this does not matter. I didnt get my flavours through.. customs in pakistan said we had to return around 4 kg, so he was onyl allowed to bring 1.250kg which is riddicilous, there was no intent to sell and even though they didnt take them away, the limit for pesronal use is 3kg... so i dont know what the fuck they are on about. Now i must wait like 3-4 weeks for flavour. This pissed me off after everything ive been waiting for. I just wanted to smoke some good shisha. well ohwell.

Just thought id give u some update. ive also rinsed my 280 pounds on god knows fucking what =/ and i didnt even get my khalilmamoon, PATELBOY IF U ARE READING THIS, I WOULD LIKE TO TAKE ONE OFF YOU lool
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