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Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
Afzal is pretty easy to get and know that,,,, & all have it and I am sure a bunch of other places carry it as.

The brand is, like most, definitely a mixed bag as some of what they make sucks. Also, Soex is made by the same company and since the packaging looks the same they often get confused. Soex is shit. Don't buy it.

Anyway, the best stuff that Afzal makes are: Rooh Afzal, Bombay Paan, Pudina & vanilla

Very good flavours they make worth having are: Golden Amber, Silver Fox, Coffee & Cardamon

Since Afzal is cheap and the flavours above good on their own or mixed I recommend them.

Anyhow, you guys should try out the mixes above!
trust me i am lol... just gunna wait until next week to get the afzal and DM at the same time
With those happy thoughts, in my head, I'm feeling like I'm peter pan... Minus the tights and the fairies....
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