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Default Temsah?

So I am in a dilemma. I walk into a local Indian market and I look at their hookahs. I notice one very tall one that I really liked. Asked the guy what it was and he told me it was a Temsah. He told me for $50 I could have the hookah with no accessories, just the base and stem. I asked why so cheap with nothing all he told me was to get the word out about Temsah. I asked him if I could have a couple of days to think it over.

Well, here I am thinking it over. What do you guys think? I found a picture of it and he is giving to me for half price of what it sells for. Are these just as good as KM's?

Here is a link to the same Temsah someone else is selling, took me forever to find a picture of it:
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