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Default Re: Import duty for the uk

My supply got stopped and it was only 6kg, 12 500gram tubs. Which was all for personal use yet they said no. Yeh cause al fakher uses tobacco, usually cheap tobacco, we still must pay tax for it like its 1kg worth of ciggerettes. Do you see what i mean ?

So yeh, ever since the smoking ban they are very cautious about tobacco coming in, especially how shisha is not exempt but i dont understand its been a culture in our race for years =/ n den they just go and kill it off.

now all flavours are getting stupidly priced. 45 pound for a KG? are you fucking mad... I pay like 8 pounds for a kg. Uk is getting some terrible end of the stick in the shisha business and its all because of the law. Shisha is tobacco and tobacco gets taxed here like a bitch!
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