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Default Help me improve my smoke?

Well i just got back from my first smoke w/ my new hookah. I smoked a bowl of Nakhla Lemon and Layalina cola.
I used:
30 in egyptian, no air leaks, i've looked
Bowl: clay, 2in wide 1in deep
A screen (i was to lazy to go to the store lol)
and 2 3kings 33mm i think....

The lemon smoked well. I had medium smoke. Wasent to flavorful though. I burned it only after....30 min i think. i rotated the coals ever 5 mins i think. I'm a little ADHD so i can't help but move them around lol.

The cola was worse. No flavor at all and less smoke. Same amount of coals.

I'm pretty sure i pack the bowl well- nice and fluffy.

so any suggestions?
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