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Default Re: Would a new hookah really have better flow?

I have both mya's a bambino, and a collosius, i have a km, and both a medium heavy, large heavy af, the little bambino has a more open draw than the collosius, the collosius is big and beautiful and really portable and has multiple hose options, now out of the rest all have way bigger draws than the myas, out of the next the medium solid af hookah has the next tightest (compaired to the myas is way more open ), it comparison to the large heavy af and the km, both are big and open, i cant tell a difference if one is more open than less, there just wide open... Alone i smoke out of my medium heavy af most of the time, just like dee stated i like alittle more restriction. But now onto the importance, all my results are using a nammor hose, but i smoke mostly nahkla and in a standard eqpt bowl, but if i smoke something else like tangiers, or romman, starbuzz etc i will use a vortex bowl or a funnel bowl, both add to restriction compared to a wide open egpt, also how many and how large of hole you put in your foil add to restriction, anyways if i smoke a vortex or funnel i use my km or large heavy af to set off some of the restriction cause by the bowl. i guess i am picky when i smoke alone, i like a certain draw, not to open, but not with a feeling that i am working to hit on it, i guess i just like them easy! but not to easy.
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