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Default The other Side of Lucid Green tea

My Lucid Green tea smells good, faintly of a thick green tea ice cream smell. The flavor does come through, but not as well as Red Tea, and not as well as I would want it to. Some people say it's flavorless, and honestly I bet theirs was flavorless. But that makes it perfect.

Why is a flavorless Lucid perfect you ask? I'll tell you good fellow.

Dumbing down C-Line (Noir, OG).

Now, in order to dumb down the New Lime, you can mix it with the lucid maraschino cherry for an amazing Hot Dog on a Stick Cherry Limeade. But let's say you just want LIME. This is where green tea lucid steps in. It adds NO flavor to the Lime, nor does it diminish the flavor of the Lime. This works for K-Peach, Tropical revenge, Kashmir, Horchata, Brambleberry (very well i may add), Lemon Lime, Ginger Beer (although ginger beer is pretty faint anyways)... And those are just the ones I have on hand at the moment.

So if there's a C-Line flavor you are fond of, or just sounds delicious (LIKE PEAR), mix it with Lucid Green Tea and it will smoke like Lucid Tangiers but taste like OG. A pack of lucid green tea used as a mixer lasts a very long time, i might add.
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