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Sure, its pretty basic. the egyptian bowl is more basic and comes standard on many hookah they hold between 10-25 grams of shisha and do work very well. the down side to the egyptian bowl is that the air holes are at the bottom meaning with wetter shishas the juices will leak down the stem and into the water and build up occurs quicks and is tough to clean

the Vortex which is my preferred bowl, is deeper, holds up to 30g in comparison to the classic Egyptian and has a spire in the middle, where the holes are. the air is drawn over the shishas rather then under and it keeps the shisha wet thru the entire session curtailing burning and keeping the flavors in

the only mya bowl i have used is there jumbo bowl, its had a very narrow upoening which was annoying, the holes were on the bottom and the inside had a rough clay finish as opposed to a smooth shiny kiln finish

hope that helps

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