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Default Re: Homemade Moassel With Dokha

Originally Posted by Pete View Post
My question is, if one were to sprinkle a bit of dokha on their bowl of shisha, would there be enough heat to actually burn/smoke the dokha? I think it would be a nice buzz-booster for Nakhla. Perhaps I need to take my dokha off the market?
Well you don't actually want to burn the dokha since it's a moassel and sicne I was try to get the flavours of the dokha to blend in with the rest of the tobacco I whipped up a batch from scratch and baked it. The process is described here: /showthread.php?t=499

As to sprinkling it on something else, well, I am not sure what would happen but you can give it a try. Do it and let me know how it works. If you inhale I am sure you will get a heavy buzz and if you like that sort of thing by all means try it out.
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