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Default Re: SMALL PHUNNEL BOWL!! - Ebay Special.

I just made a bid on one

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
What is considered a "mod" bowl is made by Mya. A trusted company. I am not saying that it's a guaranteed problem, but there is no reason to not be scrutinizing of the products we use. It is an issue with other glazed products and saw a lot of news coverage recently. That is why it was even brought up regarding hookah bowls.

You have not heard of the problem here because it was a long time ago and well before you joined the forums. We stopped discussing it because most people stopped buying off brand funnels because of their problems. Also, it was speculation to begin with. Never stated as fact.
Nope, you are wrong on 2 things sir. A mod bowl is a modern bowl, found in modern type hookahs (ence the name) and it's normally a generic chinese bowl. Mya bowls are normally refered as... mya bowls

This is a mod bowl ( )

As you can see it is glazed, and it is chinese. It is also one of the most popular bowls used worldwide.

About me not joining the forums, well, I was just reading this forum once in a while and was already registered in another hookah forum way before I registered in this one and never heard that concern regarding a chinese bowl's glaze. I only heard it once before when somebody was thinking about glazing his own unglazed, self-made bowl.
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